Midori House Rusutsu

  • Rusutsu
  • 35-59 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
  • For Sale
  • Villas & Houses
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  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Balcony/Terrace

Building Size

  • Sqm: 154.61
  • Tsubo: 46.77
  • Sqft: 1,664.208

Land Size

  • Sqm: 330
  • Tsubo: 99.825
  • Sqft: 3,552.09

Price Breakdown

  • Per Sqm: ¥633,852
  • Per Tsubo: ¥2,095,381
  • Per Sqft: ¥58,886

Currency Conversion

  • USD: $633,080.00
  • HKD: HK$4,960,760.00
  • SGD: SGD 862,400.00
  • AUD: A$980,980.00

* Approximate, for guidance only

An idyllic mountain getaway, this home fuses elements of traditional log cabin construction with modern design and comforts

  • Spacious living: the Midori House's showstopping feature is undoubtedly its living area, which features a dual height ceiling and dual height windows which see natural light, and forest views, pour through the windows
  • A cozy fire: the cabin's woodfire stove is a most welcome inclusion, its crackling log fires radiating heat, and mountain-cabin ambiance, throughout the home
  • A contemporary kitchen: the living area flows into a dining & kitchen area, a great place to gather 'round and share food and conversation with family and friends
  • Indoor-outdoor living: a deck, located just off the open plan living / dining / kitchen area, sees the home extend beyond its walls and into the outdoors in Hokkaido's famously mild summer months
  • Resort location: just a stone's throw from nearby Rusutsu Resort, which is enjoying continued growth and development, making this home a strong candidate for capital appreciation as the destination matures

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