Niseko CowParade Kicks Off

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Take a walk through Hirafu Village and you’re sure to notice a few colorful creations grazing around town. These extra visitors are here as part of the 2015 Niseko CowParade.

There is 47 different cows spread throughout Niseko all with different colors, patterns and designs. The hardest part isn’t finding all the cows but deciding on a favourite.

To those unfamiliar with CowParade, it might seem a bit strange seeing cows around town, however CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. Formed in 1999 CowParade has visited 79 cities worldwide and with the previous 5000 entries drawing an audience of over 250 million people.

At the end of each parade the cows are auctioned off and the money given to charity. To date CowParade has raised over $30 million for charitable organizations worldwide.

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