1920px Monbetsu Garinko2


Mombetsu is a town of drift ice on the coast of Hokkaido’s Sea of Okhotsk.

Mombetsu is famous for sightseeing aboard the Garinko ice breaker, the Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido, and so on.

It is rich an area with a northern natural environment and is home to the Omusaro wildflower garden and Komuke wildflower garden.

Some little facts about Mombetsu, it’s a city in the northeast of Hokkaido. The name Mombetsu came from “Moupetto” (calm river), a word of aboriginal Ainu of Hokkaido. The local speciality is crab which is reputably the best in Japan. Monbetsu is also famous for drift ice, a yearly phenomenon which reaches the city every January or February from the northern Sea of Okhotsk.

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