Toya Lakefront Residence

  • Lake Toya
  • 73-8, 73-9, 73-10 Sobetsu Onsen, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido
  • For Sale
  • Villas & Houses
D3 S2416a
80 E6053
D3 S9562
80 E6105
D3 S9524
D3 S9556
80 E6062
D3 S9504
D3 S9612
D3 S9633
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D3 S9678a
D3 S9478


  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms

Building Size

  • Sqm: 367.78
  • Tsubo: 111.253
  • Sqft: 3,958.751

Land Size

  • Sqm: 1,481.76
  • Tsubo: 448.232
  • Sqft: 15,949.532

Price Breakdown

  • Per Sqm: ¥543,803
  • Per Tsubo: ¥1,797,697
  • Per Sqft: ¥50,520

Currency Conversion

  • USD: $1,756,000.00
  • HKD: HK$13,654,000.00
  • SGD: SGD2,366,000.00
  • AUD: A$2,342,000.00

* Approximate, for guidance only

A grand lakefront mansion right by the shores of Lake Toya.

  • An incredible location with spectacular natural views. One of the finest houses in all the area.
  • Just a short walk away from the famous Toya Onsen Area and its many tourist attractions.
  • Beautiful natural surrounds, it comes with a tennis court, basketball hoop, decorated front garden, and a 4 car indoor garage.
  • Four sumptuously appointed bedrooms, equipped with a Japanese Onsen (Roten and inside onsen bath) and a traditional tatami room.
  • Fully furnished to a high standard.
  • Flexible Management options (with English, Chinese speaking staff available) for cleaning, house maintenance, etc.)
  • Huge land size for future development opportunity.

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